I trained with Liz at Umojafitness Studio for two years from 2010 to 2012 at Umojafitness Studio in Columbia Heights MN. Liz is a passionate, kind and caring trainer. When I first met Liz, I weigh 257 pounds and was very skeptical that a trainer would help me lose weight. I had tried many diets but had failed. I had visited several local gyms a couple of times but that was just it.

During the first few days of training, Liz explained to me that she had designed for me a workout plan 4 days a week, nutrition plan, stretching and resting. She reassured  I would see results. In the first month lone, I lost about 8 pounds and I was excited about the way I felt.

In months to come, Liz pushed me harder, educating me at each workout session. She explained the rationale behind the techniques she was using. It was then that I realized she was a very knowledgeable trainer. She also taught me about how to eat the right foods, which had always been an area of weakness for me.
Liz is also caring and kind but also a tough trainer. Oh yes! I always left Umojafitness Studio exhausted but I felt good inside.

Long story short, I weigh about 175 pounds . I feel very young and energetic. I have run several half marathons with Liz as my coach. If you are looking for the best trainer in the twin cities that can get you the results you want, then just call Liz at Umojafitness. I would not have achieved my goals without Umojafitness Studio and without Liz as my trainer. I therefore recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer without any reservations.

Thank you
Jason K

Jason K