Workout Plans

  • Personal Training
    At Umoja Fitness we will take the fitness journey together. You and I shall work as a team; we are results-oriented and will not rest until you accomplish your health and fitness goals. Liz Nyamwamu’s functional training techniques will help you unleash your...
  • Weight Training & Body Sculpting
    There are various techniques to achieve the results you want. Weight training techniques at Umojafitness are tailored for each individual client. Our goal is to sculpt your body to fit your desires. Get your results at Umojafitness “Together we succeed”...
  • Nutritional Counselling
    A good training program also include proper nutrition. A balanced diet is key. At umojafitness we have consulting Physiologists and Nutritionist on board if you need those services. We always advise our clients on eating more healthy meals for over health. You are...
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  • 1 on 1 Personal Training

    Price: $50

    Type of Program: Personal Training 1 on 1

    Level: Sessions begin at (Beginners , Intermediary or Advanced)

    Days in Workout: 14

  • Price: $25 each individual.

    Type of Program: Group Fitness Training

    Level: Advanced

    Days in Workout: 4

  • Price: $50

    Type of Program: Holistic Training

    Level: Advanced

    Days in Workout: 6