Group Fitness


    At Umojafitness we allow small groups workouts as part of our flexible programs. We understand the meaning of togetherness and that is why we allow groups of two to work out togetther for the price of 1 . We encourage couples, friends to work out together and keep the same training sessions. Feel free to ask for our free sessions on your on your birthday if it falls within your training session. Stop in and inquires.

    If you want to succeed with your fitness goals this season, contact us today ! Umojafitness, Together we succeed”!

    • Motivation from Group Setting
    • Understanding your limits
    • Be accountable for your actions
    • Positive attitude
    • Team work
    • Proper Nutrition

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    Price: $25 each individual.

    Type of Program: Group Fitness Training

    Level: Advanced

    Days in Workout: 4