1 on 1 Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training


Get the body shape that you want . To get in top notch shape you need to listen to your body. To be toned you have to exercise right, eat right , proper hydration rest and be more focussed on your goal. Intense cardio exercise and low weights or high repetition exercises will get you toned and ripped.

You also need proper motiivation from an experienced Personal trainer who tough and yet compassionate to see you reach your goals. At Umoja fitness, we design
exercise programs tailor to fit individuals for one on one personal training. Dont waste your time and money if you are not ready to achieve your gaols.

Umojafitness body sculpt training will get you the results that you want. Sign up today!

  • Strong mind targeted mid session
  • Teachable training techniques
  • Self awareness & accountability
  • Nutritional checks
  • Commitment

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Price: $50

Type of Program: Personal Training 1 on 1

Level: Sessions begin at (Beginners , Intermediary or Advanced)

Days in Workout: 14